Follicles Regen and Forti5 Essential


Clinically proven to show significant effect on the following:

  • Improvement in hair mass
  • Reduced hair damage though hair breakage index
  • Improved hair shine and softness
  • Improved scalp and hair health


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Follicles Regen

  • When: Every alternate day for 2 weeks. Post that twice a week
  • Where: On the scalp
  • How: Apply 1 teaspoon on the scalp and massage lightly, until oil is absorbed

Forti5 Essentials

  • When: Daily, two times a day
  • Where: Under the feet and on the spine
  • How: Apply 3 drops under each foot (sole); 7-8 drops on the spine. Massage lightly until oil is absorbed (Usually 15-20 seconds)
Item Volume

20ml and 35ml (Gross)

More Info

Follicles Regen  – A unique blend of steam distilled, completely Natural Highest Quality Pure Plant Oil blends that include Tree Tea, Lavender, Rosemary, Sage, Lemon, Thyme, Cedarwood & Yaro plant oils. Many of these oils are known for hair binding, nourishing and care properties. This blend of Essential Oils supports a healthy scalp and hair.

Forti 5 Essentials – A unique blend of natural oils that provide essential support to the body and its homeostasis. Critical in times of high stress, wear & tear, Inflammation, ailments and illnesses, these 100% Natural oil blends lend a helping hand to the body’s natural immune system & works in tandem with Follicles Regen.

Many of these oils are known to prevent pre-mature hair fall and loss. They also support hair growth, lustre, strengthen, hair mass and quality through active nourishing ingredients. They help a healthy scalp be free of infections and hence dandruff.

Gratitude Stories

Tanooj Mehra

This really helped my girlfriend with her aches and pains. Highly recommend it!

Vinay Lulla

This helped my girlfriend too! Tanooj’s review helped me make this informed decision.


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